Monday, November 26, 2007

Missed the window

I know, it has been way too quiet. It's hard to pinpoint the exact reason I've been silent here, except to say that I come up with too many projects at once, and of course none get realized...

Lately, in the MMO/virtual world scene, I've been paying a lot of attention to Metaplace, which I'm planning on experimenting with once it becomes opened up. Tools like this, and Multiverse, and BigWorld, and VastPark, really are emphasizing that there is a need for them, and that if I was able to dedicate all of my free time to such an endeavor, it might have seen use.

Time as it is, and life as it goes, the MMORF project is looking unlikely. Yes, the original idea was to see if I could implement all of the pieces myself, and I'd still like to know the answer to that question, but with environments like Metaplace on the horizon, the world designer in me is going to beat out the backend developer for the bit of free time I have. My apologies to those who might have read this blog up to now, expecting a more dramatic end.

That being said, in the next few months this blog might get reworked a little into a discussion on world design, and when Metaplace goes live, perhaps discussion about my contribution to this potentially huge concept.

Edit: I just went back and read the first post:

If this sounds interesting, please stop by every so often. If it looks like this page hasn't changed in a year, then I apologize for taking your time -- I must have been distracted by something else.

Wow, do I know myself or what?

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